Monday, August 10, 2009

and also How to be a Contactee.

For those who enjoy privacy, could be better to become a famous contactee. A Contactee  that is someone , male or female, who is in telepathic contact with Aliens.
First choose the name of a Star more or less unknown. Discard those stars that have contactees already. They have their own marketing.
How about Spika, or Algol, or Betelgeuse? some of these will do, and if you don't like them, just do some Google and find your star.

Next, buy some New Age books, and perhaps do some copy and paste in the web...why not? All the Alien's messages are more or less the same thing.
But here is a true secret: a dictionary of cites. Cites will give your rhetoric  the touch of wisdom. (You don't need to include the name of the author of course)
Now create a blogg or a nice site if you can, and write, but please, please, nothing scientific in the messages you receibe telepathically from Algolians, or Betelgeusians, or Spikans.

NO, because those who know about science are never contactees. They teach in some University or work in a Laboratory.
Real Scientists probably  are making good money, and will not be interested in contactism, telepathy , Space Brothers or Guides.

Be happy and well

Love you all. Thanks for your time.