Monday, August 3, 2009

Basic Characteristics of UFO Cults.


There are notable similarities, which bind these cults together. These "disparate groups" are bound by "a single interpretation, which is opposed to a biblical interpretation of morality and reality." The real danger is that there are numerous fringe groups lead by dillusional leaders who for there own selfish reasons exploit the weak and helpless in our society. The reality sense is that they are not in touch with UFO occupants at all, but may in fact be channels for persuasive, sardonic voices. Some of the common elements, which bind them together, are listed as follows: 

    *One single charismatic figure who claims...
    *A direct revelation from an extraterrestrial source.
    *ET is always wiser and more benevolent than earthlings. 
    *Cult members are expected to heed the channeled warnings from ET or parish in their apocalyptic doomsday scenarios. 
    This element "pervades most UFO cults" 
    Devotees must serve the cult to prove their worthiness for the great ET rescue.  Reference #2
    *Space aliens "want to coax humanity upward to a more lofty state of spiritual understanding." 
    *The problems that exist within humanity are not "attributed" to man's "fallen nature," which conflicts with conventional "Judeo Christian" doctrine.