Saturday, August 8, 2009

How Disinformers Work.

This method of disinformation deserves some thought because we see it's principles in action every day.
Suppose that you want to plant some disinformation in the web and in the blogosphere.

Then you and some friends sign a Declaration of Absolute Freedom of Information about Presidential Meetings with Extraterrestrials..!
You can also reinforce your disinformation campaign, writing about some "important sources that want to remain anonymous".

Your next movement is to post and publish this declaration, so that you have a factoid, that is, something that exists only because someone writes or talks about it.

Of course, you know well that there are no such meetings of Presidents with Extraterrestrials, but you are planting the meme.
Even you can refresh this factoid or meme just talking-writing about it.
But...why some people do this?
For several reasons. They want to keep serious, rational individuals out of the UFO Phenomenon, or they just want to sell books or courses of , let's say, Galactic Politics.
Perhaps they are professional disinformers...secret friends of the Cover-Up.


James Black