Saturday, August 1, 2009

.My answer to Dr. Salla's article

In the Examiner, Dr. Salla writes :

Hysteria drives UFO gatekeepers debunking exopolitics pioneers

My comment :

Dr. Salla is right. He writes this:
"any evidence deemed to be unreliable, tainted, not consistent with facts, is jettisoned in order not to corrupt the raw pool of reliable data needed to convince UFO skeptics."
But Salla calls this attitude "Hysteria".
Consequently, we should recornize Exopolitics, with its enormous mass of disinformation, lies, unreliable sources, imagination, historical fiction and pseudo-science, the right approach.
For Dr. Salla, rational, scientific, analytical, experimental Ufology is hysteria, and we must legitimate the absurdities and lies of the self-proclaimed exopoliticians.
This proclamation describes perfectly the myth of Exopolitics.