Saturday, August 29, 2009

Exopolitics: Doctors becoming Reverends.

Dear people, if you are  interested in the future of Exopolitics, just take a look at "prepare4contact". Most of the posts in Dr. Salla's forum are about religion, sectarian hates, conspirationism, politics, some UFO sightings and Salla's marketing.
And let me tell you that this development is perfectly natural.
The idea of preparation for contact is preposterous and irrational. UFO phenomenon is here from the beginning of historical times and the non-human entities, (or whatever they are) are not interested in any contact.
 On the other hand, the rhetoric of the "disclosure" worked with the expectations of the new Administration. However, people now understands that there will be no disclosure at all.
As usual, the empty spaces left by the "nothing happens" situation, are filled with Religion, New Age, Solar Initiations in Bolivia, Biblic lore, and charlatanism.
The evidence of this can be found in the EXAMINER writings of Dr. Salla about angels, celestials, saints  and fallen angels.All very inspirational.
(Soon we will be calling him Reverend Salla instead of doctor.)

Remember dear people, this happens because...nothinbg happens and...the show must go on.

James Black