Monday, August 10, 2009

Two comments on new Examiner article.

James Black says:
The so called UFO crash was a maneuver of disinformation directed against the Soviet Union.
A few things went wrong however, and the whole hoax collapsed.
Concerning Disclosure, the UFO self-proclaimed experts and Exopoliticians presumably know everything about UFOs, Aliens, cities in Mars and Moon. Consequently, they should take care the Disclosure in their hands. They need only some concrete EVIDENCES, but, they have none.
The EXO rhetoric is based in old myths, anonymous sources, discredited contactees and whistleblowers, pseudo-science and lots of recycled New Aged stuff.
Enough to keep serious minds far from the UFO Phenomenon.
In fact, exopoliticians are the best friends of the Cover-Up.
August 10, 10:06 PM
James Black says:
By the way, fantasists are rich in words, they talk and talk and write, and sell some books.
The problem is that we do not have the real thing: Aliens.
We have talk about ETs, but not ETs. We have UFO marketing, UFO tourism, conspiracies, bombastic Conferences, but not Aliens.
The mischievous "aliens" are not interested in any kind of open contact with us.
Nobody knows what they are, what they want here, or where they come from. 
Who cares? After all, some individuals are making a living with the whole mythology.
August 10, 10:17 PM