Sunday, August 16, 2009

nonsense talk , crude commercialism

Dear People

This is just a guide. Sometimes, nonsense talk , crude commercialism , or just idiocy become to much , and then you need a lighthouse, just some good old rational thinking.
In such cases this link can help.

Sometimes I feel pessimistic. Thinking that the battle is lost. A few of us live in a world inhabited by living deads. "I am legend" kind of think, you know.
In the Internet, a few individuals can write anything they want without any practical, tangible reaction.
Take a look, just take a look. Do some Google search and learn about the pioneers of the new Dark Age: Salla, Boylan (dr. Sauna) Bassiago, Webre. and a few more. I call them the EXOS.
But, you know something? The problem is not their talking nonsense. No...the real problem is that there is no big reaction. Lot of people believe what they say, buy their books, send his kids to learn telepathy and distant healing with the ex doctor Boylan..! (Can you believe this?)
So, perhaps it's to late. Perhaps Andrew is right and many, I should say most of us are already controlled, just happy in the reps-exos farm.
Well, after all I am an old man, millions of individuals in "civilized countries" never read a book in their life.
And now I remember...this postmodern world where the con men are kings, looks like Germany in the 30, the Republic of Wiemar, the Expressionism.
Perhaps people will find someone who thinks for them. A Guru, a Fuhrer, some "Alien"...who knows?
Perhaps people is ready to burn scientific books, papers, films, videos.
Perhaps I am wrong. I hope I am.

With Love