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Fw: Re: [RationalUFOLOGY] Basic Characteristics of UFO Cults.

entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem,

"Occam's Razor"


--- On Tue, 8/4/09, High Lord Photon <highlordphoton@yahoo.com> wrote:

From: High Lord Photon <highlordphoton@yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: [RationalUFOLOGY] Basic Characteristics of UFO Cults.
To: RationalUFOLOGY@yahoogroups.com
Date: Tuesday, August 4, 2009, 12:41 AM


Other civilizations have their forms of transportation .
We may see them from time to time .
We may not know from direct observation how they
 fly in the sky , swim in the water , or skim
 space star to star .
Should we use fantasy and imagination ,
 popular culture , or rantings of mad men to tell
 us what the occupants were feeling , what their
 light working magic will bring us into the light ?
No . lets just watch the UFO 's , click pictures ,
 take notes on what is empirically observable .
 and appreciate what the endless Universe
 has to surprise us with , a mystery ,
 and a hope we too may master
 the scientific magic visitors from space
 have flashed in front of our eyes ,
 a twinkle of hope across the heavens ,
 that the charlatans will meet the Aliens
 and tell them the Exopolitical reality
 that Humans are small beings
 flailing hopelessly in the mud
 of Humanities perceived opulence
 of hilarity and tears .
High Lord Photon

--- On Mon, 8/3/09, Blue UFO <blueufo2020@ yahoo.com> wrote:

From: Blue UFO <blueufo2020@ yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: [RationalUFOLOGY] Basic Characteristics of UFO Cults.
To: RationalUFOLOGY@ yahoogroups. com
Date: Monday, August 3, 2009, 6:25 PM

Jesus quoted Buddha... Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes, there is no new thing under the sun...
in reality; just new twists to old things...

--- On Mon, 8/3/09, Jay Moody <jaymthegenius@ yahoo.com> wrote:

From: Jay Moody <jaymthegenius@ yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: [RationalUFOLOGY] Basic Characteristics of UFO Cults.
To: RationalUFOLOGY@ yahoogroups. com
Date: Monday, August 3, 2009, 9:03 PM

I question the actual source of that page, which states:

"DIANETICS: L. Ron Hubbard has claimed to have received and channeled instructions for this popular best seller from an un-named source. What is not commonly known about this man, was that he was involved in satanic practices, including (but not limited to) practicing ritual magic, Masonic rites, Tantric sexual practices and hermetic mysticism."

However Hermetic mysticism predates Satan by a considerable margin, especially the Christian version of Satan, which is simply a combination of Pan and abunch of other Dieties. 

Why is witchcraft considered Satanic?  We have to look at the context in which the sin was made to be a sin:  Kings and priest at the time were very corrupt and paranoid individuals who feared their corruption would be found out via remote viewing or some other clairvoyant medium.  Thus was made to be a sin.  The church during the dark ages needed a scapegoat for it's incompetence and corruption as well. 

Masonic rights are also not Satanic, to say so is to say that His Grace the Duke of Kent is a so-called "Satanist", as well as our Founding Fathers.  Tantra is also not Satanic as evidenced by the fact it predates Christianity by a considerable deal.  Let us use an analogy with "Satan":  There is a new God I just invented, he say's that believing what the bible say's is a mortal sin and will send you to hell.  Nouveau God damns those who believe in the Adam and Eve and Noah mythologies or deny the existence of Jesus magical powers.  He declares retroactively that Jesus is nothing more than neo-Satan.  Now since Neo-Satan has been invented just now it would be silly to say that Jesus is neo-Satan.  This is exactly what the author does by declairing tantra and Hermetic mysticism "Satanic":  Retroactively impose a newer concept on a much older one.  If Satan (or even yahweh) hasen't been invented yet how could they be "Satanic"?  The idea of "magic" (and other things) being "Satanic" is a very dated one where man made into a sin for ulterior motives. 

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Subject: [RationalUFOLOGY] Basic Characteristics of UFO Cults.



There are notable similarities, which bind these cults together. These "disparate groups" are bound by "a single interpretation, which is opposed to a biblical interpretation of morality and reality." The real danger is that there are numerous fringe groups lead by dillusional leaders who for there own selfish reasons exploit the weak and helpless in our society. The reality sense is that they are not in touch with UFO occupants at all, but may in fact be channels for persuasive, sardonic voices. Some of the common elements, which bind them together, are listed as follows: 
    *One single charismatic figure who claims...
    *A direct revelation from an extraterrestrial source.
    *ET is always wiser and more benevolent than earthlings. 
    *Cult members are expected to heed the channeled warnings from ET or parish in their apocalyptic doomsday scenarios. 
    This element "pervades most UFO cults" 
    Devotees must serve the cult to prove their worthiness for the great ET rescue.  Reference #2
    *Space aliens "want to coax humanity upward to a more lofty state of spiritual understanding." 
    *The problems that exist within humanity are not "attributed" to man's "fallen nature," which conflicts with conventional "Judeo Christian" doctrine. 
http://www.angelfir e.com/wa/ UFORC/page56. html
http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/rationaluf ology
http://ufoculture. blogspot. com/

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