Monday, August 3, 2009

Exopolitics: the worst enemy of Disclosure and UFO research

Please read Salla's article and my answer. Thanks

My comment:

This article shows why Exopolitics is the worst enemy of a serious, scientific, institutional investigation of the UFO Phenomenon.
Dr. Salla writes:
"Organizers and speakers from the European Exopolitics Summit have released a Declaration for the creation of a European Agency to study UFOs and extraterrestrial affairs."
Of course the last words kill the possibility.
Salla and other members of the Exopolitical movement recognize that ET presence is hypothetical.
Is easy to understand that IF this is so, asking for the creation of an European Agency to study UFOs and extraterrestrial affairs is absurd.
In my view, the purpose of the EXO campaign of ridicule, triviality and absurdities is just that: To serve the enemies of UFO recognition.

James Black