Sunday, August 23, 2009

Massive Disinformation.

In the text below, Dr. Salla give us the usual Exopolitical rhetoric. Of course, he doesn't feel the need to give us some  evidence of what he says. 22 ET civilizations contributed their DNA to human genetics. (???????) They call this science.
But here we have more. 
CIA is now a reliable source..!
Andrija Puharich is reliable BECAUSE he worked for the CIA on "esoteric subjects". He "was likely privy to highly classified information...
Honestly, the disinformers, the biggest friends of the cover-up, could do something better than this.

<Aloha, below is the introduction to a very thoughtful paper by Niara Terela Isley on different extraterrestrial civilizations visiting Earth. The question directly addressed of how many civilizations have contributed their DNA to human genetics is truly a major one to ponder. The idea of 22 ET civilizations having done is supported by a paper I just discovered from Dr Andrija Puharich where he mentions 24 extraterrestrial civilizations. See below. An interesting fact about Puharich is that he worked closely with the CIA on esoteric subjects until he went independent. Apparently, the CIA were constantly trying to get his help on further classified subjects but apparently he declined further involvement. So he was likely privy to highly classified information earlier in his life on these questions. So the figure of 22 ET civilizations having their DNA involved with humanity may be very  close to the mark. One day, this question will get more serious attention among researchers given the available data from multiple sources. >


Michael Salla, Ph.D.>