Monday, August 24, 2009



Ufosophy is a step forward. Ufosophy is a Science, a Philosophy and perhaps a new hermeneutics for Ufological investigation.   

Understanding Ufosophy requires a new frame of mind. A new perspective.

We cannot think about Ufology in the old way.

Hakim Bey, the Ontological Anarchist an creator of the Autonomous Zones, formulates the following statement.

"Nothing is True, Everything is Permissible."

Of course, IF nothing is true, Hakim statement is not true, ergo, it is not true that nothing is true.

This inevitable conclusion is in fact not a conclusion at all, so our mind remains open waiting.

In Ufosophy, nothing is true, everything is permissible, or everything is true because  it's not true that nothing is true.

We are now in the Twilight Zone, in the neither-neither. That is the Ufosophical Mind we need.

We learn now that is unnecessary, obsolete and preposterous to say that UFOs exist or do not exist.

In some realities UFOS exist. There is no one Reality but several. Possibilities in the Universe are infinite.

Of course, in Ufosophy, there is nothing outside the Universe-s, The Source of the Universe is the Universe.

Universe self-creates, and that is the secret meaning of the Gnostic Ouroboros.

The existence or nonexistence of UFOs is out of question. This alternative is meaningless. Forget everything about it.

It is also preposterous talking asking ourselves where the UFOs come from.  They come from here, they were always here.

From the beginning of historical times, men described the same kind of flying objects.

Consequently we must forget the idea that the Entities responsible for the UFO Phenomenon are Extraterrestrial. This is absurd for the novel Ufosophists.

Same can be said about questioning what the UFOnauts want. Since they were always here, even before us, humans, they are here doing their things, and in no way are the Non-Humans or Post Humans interested in telling us what they are doing. They don't want any open contact with us, so the whole Exopolitical idea, including the preparation for contact is absurd.  

Consequently, the idea that the Galaxy is full of Intelligent Life is ridiculous.  Probably one in zillions of planets out there, can sustain life.

By the way, Ufosophy is contrary to projects like SETI. We are wasting our time and money sending radio signals. Nobody answers and perhaps this is the best thing that can happen.

The law is this: never invoke what you will not be able to control..!

Better to sleep in peace thinking that the Universe is empty of intelligent life, because for the Ufosophists, Intelligence as we know it is destructive.

So, we are either investigating alternative forms of terrestrial life, or Time Travelers, but not nice, kind, gentle extraterrestrials.

Ufosophy doesn't believe in the Cover Up. The State is an enormous bureaucracy whose only purpose is self-perpetuation. They just do not want us to know that they don't know.

What the Cover Up keeps secret is Ignorance. They don't know what is going on. They are afraid.

That is why they make us believe that they have downed some UFOs.

That is why they love to have Exopoliticians demanding a disclosure.

So, Ufosophy investigates alternative realities and alternative forms of Life.

The non-humans are not new. We called them Jinns, Gnomes, Salamanders, Fairies, Demons, Angels, you name it.

Ufosophist are ready for new ideas. The blend of pseudo-science, New Age, class B science fiction, contactees, self-proclaimed experts and religion doesn't work. Let's try something new.

 James Black