Wednesday, August 19, 2009

SAVE THESE KIDS (urgent..!)

As many of you know,   the ex-doctor Boylan in  what he calls Star-Seeds Workshops, teaches kids ( for money,) to use telepathy, moving objects with the mind and distant detection and healing ..! 
This would be just a motive for laugh at the degradation of the Big Circus, but it is much more serious. 
The teaching of these "occult arts" to children implies a monstrous manipulation and consequent brainwashing. Pressured by ignorant parents to exercise these "powers", the kids can be psychologically and socially literally destroyed .
Below you will read a message posted for Dr. Boylan about his"teachings".
Read it, think about this and just DO WHAT YOU WANT TO STOP THIS MONSTROSITY.
You can see (and use) Boylan's address.
For those who don't know Boylans background, as abuser, please follow link below.

Save the Kids.

James Black

This is Boylan's message to his group 


    As with many things, the integrity of the use, or not, of psychic abilitiesdepends on the intentions of the one deciding to employ a psychic ability.
    When I present on psychic abilities at Workshops, I emphasize that these gifts most often are to be used for social good, meaning in a way that helps other people.
    These psychic gifts are not meant to become an ego trip or just to show off. That would be wrong.
    Occasionally the use of a psychic ability can also be for one's individual help, for example, to locate a "lost" object. In such a case it is equivalent to using a second "set of eyes" to see better. No moral fault there.
    The ability to move things can be used for good too, for example, to push back an attacker coming at you with a knife.That would be in accordance with the 11:11 Spiritual Law of the Protection of Human Life.
    Not to develop one's psychic abilities (which Source has given you) would be to neglect your own full personal development.
    Can one go beyond the employment of psychic abilities? For the right reason, yes. As when Obi-Wan Kenobi was being attacked by Darth Vadar's light saberand instead of fending it off by psychic force, he chose to engage in spiritual non-violence, stand with his arms at his side, and let the karma of destroying him fall upon Vadar.
    Still, for many situations it is well to "be all that you can be" and use your abilities.
     in the light,
     Richard Boylan, Ph.D.