Sunday, August 16, 2009

Aboout "People with Brains"-Jay Moody

Thanks Jay, for your contribution.

Sometimes it feels like that.  Stupidity is unfortunately encouraged in large part due to the overwhelming demand for lowest common denominator egalitarianism.  Prole drift is a way of putting it.  Salla, Boylan, and others are only minor contributors to the dark age, pseudo-progress (the multicultural propaganda that focuses on the mistakes of the West rather than looking at it's accomplishments, also the crucifix in the bodily fluids being funded by the government and teaching the history of rock, rap, and pop in music classes are also signs of false progress.  Instead of reading about Schubert they study some guy who bites bats as a stage prop), biblical literalism, increased crime rates, demonization of traditional subjects such as English and Mathematics, are the major contributors, in other words our very education system and to a lesser extent certain churches (young Earth creationist are a very rare lot... I at least assume) are large contributors.  After the damage done by these institutions people seek an alternative and therefore seek the minor cults which, if we look at history, have the potential to become major religions.  Even though I doubt it I fear that it's possible Rael or Boylan may get their own Vatican's within centuries as Jesus did.  

Industrialization and the advent of technology has, ironically, contributed a great deal to the dumbing down as ironic as that would sound.  Why do you think those in technological fields have never quite made it socially?  Mass production has created an egalitarianism of sorts that leveled out, and thus lowered the standards for greatness.  Instead of your great architectural achievements such as the Canterbury Cathedral and the great architecture of Europe you get communistic buildings that are ugly (the American equivalent being the overly simplistic cookie cutter houses), instead of literature that focuses on the quality of the story and the subtleties you get instead action oriented literature full of explosions and violance (film has also sadly followed this trend), as well as other fields being dumbed down simply because it's more profitable.  Material that doesn't challenge the mind, easy to digest, get's pushed on the public.  News is nothing but propaganda or spend large amounts of time following trivialities, and the overly consumeristic attitude all contribute to our dumbing down.