Thursday, August 6, 2009


Dear People

Let me share with you some ideas concerning Exopolitics and Ufology.
The reactionary talk is always directly or indirectly oriented against scientific knowledge and rational thinking.
In my view, the EXOS represent that kind of reactionary rhetoric against a modern view of the UFO Phenomenon and the modern scientific methods.

Sample: the Exos in all their variations, are always "denouncing " science and scientists.
The problem is this: What they suggest instead of science?
Obviously, they suggest the worst kind of superstition.
NASA? Forget about it...just ignorants and liars. Instead you should learn what Mayan Elder Barrios tells us about what is true and what is not. should consider some Solar Initiation in Bolivia, given by a young Initiate in contact with the White Brotherhood ( who moved from Tibet to the Titicaca lake ) and the Secret Subterranean Cities.

Also, if you want to know about the future, do not waste your time reading futurology or any scientific prevision. Just consult the Mayan Calendar  and you will find everything there.
Mayans knew everything but...they thought that the brutal Spanish conquerors were Gods...(dangerous kind of mistaken identity. )
Oh, and forget about flue vaccines. The Councilor of Earth, inspired by the Star Nations, told us that the flu vaccines are an invention of the Cabal.
(The Cabal is an infinite conspiracy of all those that are not Dr Sauna, Wendy or Fran, the human Mantis)

Any EXO will show you beautiful pics. of Martian Airports, Cities, Monuments and people like us but anaerobics, walking in the in the lovely martian forests and parks. Amazing.
This shows that science knows nothing and scientists are all liars.

Reactionary thought is always like that. Obscure, pathological individuals know more than the rest of humanity. That is why Adolf Hitler became Fuhrer, absolute master of the land  of Bach, Beethoven, Mozart , Goethe and Schiller.

That is why charlatans, con men, liars and  reactionaries, are dangerous. Give them power and you will see what happens.