Sunday, November 29, 2009


Andrew Hennessey

I think that we can safely say that there is a huge cohort of Exoskeptics who find themselves shaking their heads at the clowns wearing the emperors clothes or flouting the emperors credentials.
The entire exo circus has definitely succeeded in recently laying such a barrage and bombardment of irrationalist and inappropriate and unpolitical gibberish that the many reasonable people who had occupied the silent majority in the middle ground can be left in no doubt that they are witnessing a phoney soap opera.

It is only vaguely disguised as commercialism though since it has easily and deliberately alienated and disenfranchised the majority of its target market.
The bombardment of Exo-illness instead has largely succeeded in an offensive of distressing psychological warfare using a technique called Cognitive Dissonance.

You know they have been successful because many intelligent people are rightly refusing to post and comment on it.
Whether incredulous, shocked, outraged or betrayed or indeed sickened, people need to have a think about what next after the failure of the Disclosure Movement.
I have said that if you look at all the main political parties and their manifestos you will see the use or the intent to use demographic statistics that include; age, occupation, education, skills and stats like these become part of statistical measurements with which any real party would hope to create policies and allocate resources and provisions and representations.
This hasn't happened in 10 years of Exopolitics and the only politics I have come across were the alleged UN leaks to foist an alien led N.W.O religion on the masses.
If this barrage of semantic chaos is designed to soften us up prior to being somehow assimilated, then why call Exopolitics EXO-politics for it cannot be the politics of democracy but rather the politics of the early Plato and his elite Republic model. The idea of there being politics is but a fiction or an `ignoble lie' to keep us happy and deceived.
Exopolitics becomes the politics of a Timarchy or elite rather than a Democracy.
ie. Exopolitics is not for us.

You can see from the Transhuman presence on the Exopolitics board that there would be at least one voice leaning towards the Laszlo Radio Eugenics and Upload and Techno-Samhadi movement of the 1930's.
For Transhuman – read Borg or Robotic hive mind ….

Obviously the Exopolitics clowns have been living on credit – ours – and they spent it and spent it and spent it – and we kept lending them our credibility - and now we know there isn't anywhere to go with them – our fate seemingly to just patiently sift through the painful semantic disease till we can hear the words coming from somewhere and someone – `resistance is useless'.

The thing is that's probably going to happen anyway at some time – so why not de-stress and chill out – there's no need to be hypervigilant about it – no need to keep smelling the sickness – yes its true – they are an unedited and unrepentant melange of disease and fundamentally anti-human rhetoric.

We are Ex Exos because we can see that sick is sick, looks like it and smells like it and operates like it and discusses and challenges like it.
No getting away from the fact that it was a possibility at one point that it could have should have done some good.

But this is planet Should – replete with tales of such disease at every social and HUman level. The secret is why is that – and the answer is it's a ReptoGrey farm. (the HU are Reptilians)

It's the next step we have to take that should be more important to us all.
Collectively we must awaken to recognise and identify the true name of the game.
That the social disease we see in Exopoliticians is endemic amongst allegedly pro-human social processes and that in fact the behaviour of Exos are nothing new. We can see this at all levels in our own lives.
That's the disappointment for us – and what suddenly takes away some hope. Exos are merely more of the same stuff.

I have discussed why I believe the planet to be a deliberately engineered cul de sac and charade at for the purposes of creating spiritual pain in humans.
I argue that planet Earth is one of a franchise of many such deliberately retarded and painful (for humans) life force burger bars where the Anunnaki and Greys (vampiric types) can amongst other things feast off the nervous juices of freshly squeezed Humans.
They created mud huts and pointy sticks and bows and arrows and plagues nestled amongst matrix-like interstellar infrastructure and have operated like this here with interstellar captives for at least 20 millennia.
But where would you really go in this galaxy if you had a choice to jump on a meatwagon going somewhere `out there' ?

Our local `starbrothers' would have to be accessories to the many facts of the many burger bar planets in this and adjacent galaxies assimilated by the Reptilian houses e.g. the Anunnaki and the Greys.
Which is why you never get some miracle cure molecule sketched on a cheap dinner napkin after a session by some channelling devotee.

In my version of Exopolitics, I would argue that the only way out of here is UP and OUT.
UP and OUT of this hungry depleted dualism and plane in a process I believe to be true called the Christian ascension.

The biggest problem I can see for the many people entangled by the matrix ideologies is that the mesh and goo and alien membrane that ties us in to the farming tubes is entirely of our own making. Its made by our own minds.
Its our physical, social and spiritual and monetary investments, our social causes and goals, our worldly aspirations.
It is from these that we have to set ourselves free – our attachments made to this world by our minds - these artifices are our anaesthetic – the soulwire cables that entrain us with action and reaction - that which sleeps our soul.

Many people can't see anything other than their projected comfort zone and are happy with it.
Yet many people waking up have seen some rather uncomfortable things – its like the Agent Smith that comes out of our worst fears.
Its not new this manifestation of our worst fears. It's the age old way on farmers world here to sleep us back in our box.

With an alien soul harvest on the way driven by the diseases of a global cull – if we have to pass – we must pray for assistance for it cannot be with our hacked minds that we can recognise our way to freedom.

Having read so many psychotic utterances on Angelic realities and been toxified with false visions by black shepherds and harvest managers it would not be wise to rely on these images or their residues in struggling to create or recreate visions and relativity with our hacked mind.

Our escape, freedom and future life in eternity comes from our heart – our truth, our liberty, our connection to the true God and Source, the true Angelic network and vine, (John 15) the Christ in us.
Our heart is the true key to the Up elevator.

That Heaven of our future recognises no limits to our potential, our love and our social facilitation – a wonderful world without end.

Not anything like this – as our inheritance is beyond our beat down and hacked imagination that is incessantly bombarded with dehumanising culture and disease-ridden and dysfunctional artefacts and other social garbage.

Matrix spirituality is a trap too. If we want to float free of this dimension we have to recognise that we ourselves are in it but not of it. We are in the electrons and electricity and molecules of this plane but what we wear is but a clumsy DNA overcoat that we will lay down.
So many of Hollywoods epics depict our unique souls as soulfood electricity that goes back into a big soup.
(e.g. the Golden Compass, Aeon flux, Men who stare at goats)

We are not of this plane in our core – though our core radiates our worldly interactions through our gross being like a bright light inside a lampshade. Its aura is coloured by our social context.

If our HUman culture has been made anti-soul it is only for the benefit of the alien harvest. Telling you that you have no soul is an attempt to trick you out of eternal life so that you will buy into worldly attachments and hence worldly relativity and hence matrix integration and reprocessing.

That I think is where the Exopolitical movement as a tool of the alien comes into play – to catch the scifi orientated sleepers as they start to imagine escape and start to awaken.
Exocircus serves to overwhelm them and stifle their emerging recognition of what should really be happening in a benevolent Et situation.

Although it seems like we are faced with the ultimate truth of anti-human reality and mind manipulation, and holograms that can do everything dispiritingly much much better than we were engineered to ever dream of etc and a parade of unjust winners and losers that pulls us into the cycle of retribution like bait – we must actively turn the other cheek and disengage from the hook of self vindication and disown the artificial charade of the world.
That is not to say that we should not actively be there for our brothers and sisters as they start to rip at the alien membranes around their artificially and uniquely entrenched lives.
The alien soul farming matrix provides designer negation just for you …
You say X, matrix says NOT X.

Our next big challenge as people therefore is not to wait with eager breathe or expectant disbelief on the next very deliberate act of insanity from the next Exo clown – it is to identify that We as people have the unique gift of a unique and distinct soul and that if we ask to leave this cycle in Christ's name we will connect with the Angels and Saints and Holy family who have done Gods will throughout the Ages.

That means that when the statue for Zug the Insect God is unveiled and Dungosaurus the Dagon Destroyer is venerated on the god channel we are neither surprised or impressed or worried because our future truly doesn't belong to them.