Saturday, November 28, 2009

Healing in Paradise...for those who can pay for it.

Of course, healing in Paradise, is only for all those who can pay for it.  Be nice, be generous and forget the millions who have not even water to drink.

Do not feel bad, talk with the Dolphins, swim, eat and enjoy Hawaiian music…Ahhh look at that face, look at those eyes…Braco, the Healer…do not worry, he will not even touch you…he will just look at you and zuuuummmm there you are, healed. (Between us, those eyes do not look so "dramatic" right?)

It seems to me that the ET aliens, Exopolitical business is changing with the times. Exopolitics becomes Exotourism.  The disclosure promise doesn't work and never will.

"…11 International Speakers, gazing sessions with Braco, ocean front venue, banquet, Kahuna ceremony, sacred Hula performance, booths, post conference dolphin-whale boat excursion & workshops and much more . . ."

 How nice. If something goes wrong with Braco, try with Dennis : ""Dennis is probably the finest healer since the time of Jesus." - Olga Worral, Ph.D." Strong statement indeed.

For only 395$ you can eat, dance and enjoy the healing gazing of Braco.

85$ more will let you go to a banquet and "sacred Hula Performance" (sic.)

The show must go on:

Now, let me suggest an alternative: If you truly want to change something in this world, give that money to some hungry child.

James Black