Saturday, November 21, 2009

What's going on in the Ufological Community?

Basically everybody is fighting against everybody. Alfred Webre, is the "father" of Exopolitics, and Dr. Salla is the "pioneer", but both are distanced and we learned that soon, Webre will be a Cabal for Salla, and viceversa.
Our source, an Elder Mayan living under the Titicaca Lake in a subterranean, city built by the Atlanteans, told this reporter that Angelika, (Salla's wife) wants to change the exopolitical approach, giving more importance to psychic readings and dolphins swimming.
We learned that the Exobiologist, Councilor for Earth, Dr. Boylan, is looking for some alternative ideas, since the star-nations thing is not working at all.
Of course, the Exocharlatans have only one thing in common: the poor imagination.

In fact, disclosure doesn't happen, and the enthusiasm of the believers is dying.