Monday, November 16, 2009


They talk and talk and write and organize congresses. Yes, they have a lot to say, to "reveal". After all they are experts , yes it;s true. Experts they are in so many things.

These people know everything about cosmic laws, and quarantines imposed to our planet by  wise  but shy extraterrestrials.
Forget about science, and physics and astronomy and theology and logic and biology and planetary real conditions...these people know a lot:They are Exopoliticians , and Galactic Diplomats, and contactees and sergeants with full clearance. They will teach us about sharing our souls with aliens, lovely white tall aliens...kind of Nordics.
These experts were teleported to Ganimedes and Mars. Forget about NASA ...NASA belongs to the cabal.

These people are not only experts but Councilors of Earth named by our cosmic brothers.

No no, these aliens abduct people but call it Communion...close encounter. How nice.
And forget about Medicine, because these wise men know Bolivian and Croatian healers..! They teach us the Mayan wisdom, and talk about the subterranean cities under the Titicaca lake, and about the White Brotherhood.
God is now just the Source and the Source guides them.

Read their books and you will learn about Zetas and Pleiadeans and Orionidans and Lirans . Go to their Institutes and learn about the Galactic Legislation and the good brothers from the stars, the Stars'Nations. Ask the Earth Councilor and the Incarnated Mantis, the scarlet woman of the Councilor.for Earth. Dr Boylan.

Soon very soon , the Exos say, disclosure will ready for this. The aliens are in contact with them; the extraterrestrials teach us about the Bible, and Madame Blavatsky and New Age and Ascension and the Eon of Light and so many wonderful things..!

Old things indeed but so important. Things that are fundamental for our bright future, if we survive 2012...(the Mayans knew about this) Forget NASA and read what the old Mayans say.
Oh, and ask Basiago the Lawyer about cities in Mars and the Moon. Ask Webre about galactic legislation, and ask Salla about Eisenhower's meeting with ET's and about the galactic secret door that was the real motivation for the Iraq War.
A few $ can buy all this knowledge, believe me. These experts do NOT think we are illiterate idiots...on the contrary they appreciate our intelligence and our Faith in them.
Of course if you do not believe all this you are a Cabal, a psyop, a debunker, an agent of darkness and even worst things than these.

James Black