Thursday, November 26, 2009

Perhaps it's too late for us.

Dear people

As all of you know, I am a hard critic of the pathetic pseudo-ufology and it's eventual consequences for our planet and life.
However, I have no agenda. I do not suggest some alternative Utopia.
On the contrary, I am very pessimistic concerning the future.
In the 60's and 70's we used to call TV the idiot,s box, however, Humanity was not totally controlled by mechanisms of brainwashing and soul-vampirization, as Andrew says.
Let me tell you this: virtual reality is a hundred times worse than TV.
Why I say this?
Because of the  absolute lack of reaction from the people.
People's intelligence can be insulted. The greatest absurdities are digested by a mass of pathetic ex-humans who only know how to say yes sir.
In a masochistic orgy of stupidity they believe whatever the EXOS want them to believe.
Paradoxically, technology brought back to us the darkest age.
What can be done?
The only answer I can give is personal.
I will keep fighting for TRUTH against Charlatans, abusers, profiteers and disinformers.
Blending Logic and Humor I will keep fighting.
Although, probably it's too late.
Probably the human and in-human reptiles own the farm.
I cannot detect a human reaction proportional to the level of pathological lies in the Exopolitical and pseudo-ufological rhetoric.
Perhaps...perhaps it's too late for that reaction.

With true Love

James Black