Tuesday, November 3, 2009

From Andrew: News about Disclosure..!

This is the MAGNIFICENT CONTRIBUTION OF His Majesty, Andrew Hennessey the First

Yes but my sources say that Disclosure is going to happen in Christmas 2009 because the elves gnomes and goblins that help santa choose who is naughty and who is nice are going to come to town disguised as space aliens - producing bags of toys from their energy to matter generators aboard their sled-like UFOs.
My insider source from the UNITED B [united biscuits] says that Mars bars made on mars will be getting teleported straight into walmart and they will be a very special kind of mars bar - because all the other mars bars will be abducted - and these will be hybrid replacement mars bars.
Obama when asked if he and his administration was going to steal the white-collar-ticket-for-the-masses brief from the old tony blair marketing team said 'yes we can' ...
whilst arnie scwhartzenegger is opening up new revenue earners for californians that include:

the Running Man, Roller Ball, Death Race 2010 and Escape from LA and may be seen reprising his role as ambassador to the incoming Borg ships last seen by the admiral of the US Space Navy.

Meantime as far as alien disclosure is concerned Obamas team were heard to say ... things can only get better ...
Colonel Zig from Space navy command reports that the ambassador to earth from the saurian system prefers his ship like the inside of a sauna - and naturally Colonel Zig referred him to DR Boylan who has field experience in Intel and soap operas.

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