Saturday, November 28, 2009

Fwd: Interpretation of Dr. Boylans message

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From: Titanius X <>
Date: Sat, Nov 28, 2009 at 5:20 PM
Subject: Interpretation of Dr. Boylans message
To: James Black <>

My comments in red -


   This message is at once serious, joyful, and of modest cosmic significance.
   Please take it seriously if it applies to you and the messages resonates with you.
   As you will recall, 12 Altimarian scientist volunteers are working here on environmental remediation projects. The Altimarian team includes two women and ten men.
   The Altimarians are here likely for the duration of their lives. They deliberately were hybridized to survive in Earth conditions. As the experience with Altimarian commander Gene's hybridized son Max, (presently staying behind on Altimar) shows, their hybridized Altimarian-Human bodies are no longer adapted to live on Altimar without needing artificial-environm ent technological support. Suggesting either a sexual union or in vitro fertilization has taken place.
   It is therefore not altogether surprising that one or other Altimarian may wish to have a "normal" romantic and sex life during their self-imposed "exile"-service on Earth, and to not be confined to celibacy for the duration. And a number of the male Altimarians are not finding a suitable life companion among the two female scientists who came here. Specifically states "normal romantic," "sex life," and "life companion" that suggests physical unions.
   One of them, Communications Officer Amanda, has a partner and is currently pregnant with triplets. (Her due date is approximately next May.) Further, recently Amanda was assaulted by a Cabal goon working for Wackenhut Security at a sensitive location in Nevada. She and her triplet fetuses are recovering satisfactorily from the taser attack but are on sick leave until she gives birth. Very dramatic psychological warfare tactic by Boylan to stir up sympathy.
   The other female, Energy Clean-Up Specialist Mada's personal life situation is unknown to me, but at any rate she could not by herself meet the companionship and dating needs of the many male Altimarians.
   Therefore it is only natural that the male Altimarians might like to think of a potentially- broader pool of dating partners on Earth. Dating partners are usually in the physical realm, not the astral.
   We Humans need to do more to be responsive to the needs of Altimarians while in durational service here on behalf Humans and Gaia/Mother Earth/Unce Maka.
   I suggested to the Altimarians a possible solution to this situation.
   My idea proposal was this: that I would put out a call on my e-lists with an invitation for available Human women Star Seeds who would welcome dating outreach from a single available male Altimarian. And that it would be recognized that such outreach would be more in the telepathic order and/or on the astral plane, rather than likely involving physical visits (which could entail unacceptable security risks for both parties.)Here Boylan speaks of telepathic and astral meetings instead of physical. This is his attempt to play it safe.
   And that those Human Star Seed women who respond as willing and available for such companionship and dating of an Altimarian would have their reply relayed by me to the Altimarian communications officer on duty, who in turn could relay their openness-to- dating message to the other Altimarians. And thus a respective single male Altimarian could take it from there in terms of outreach to a Human woman of interest.
   One of the male Altimarians so interested, Riparian-Estuarial Botany Specialist Fred-1, thanked me for my thoughtful approach and believes that this will be respectfully and well received by all the Altimarians.
   There is no established guidebook for inter-species dating. We are in uncharted territory. But both potential companions come equipped with a heart.
   Any Human woman so interested needs to realize that the Altimarians are extremely intelligent, of a high energy, and come from a culture which prizes the ability of love to solve problems rather than violence and conflict.
   That said, there are undoubtedly many other cultural differences existing in members of a species hailing from an adjacent galaxy. Nevertheless, communication and understanding are possible, as the members of my Inner Team and I have repeatedly experienced.
   So, this call is put out for any single available Human woman Star Seed interested in outreach from a single Altimarian male scientist for purposes of companionship, dating, and possibly more, "Possibly more" suggests something beyond the astral realm, and "any single available Human woman Star Seed" did not specify age and was e-mailed to the Star Kids private group. to send me by private email their name, location, a very brief statement of why they wish such a dating experience, and a photo (jpg file) if possible. These will be forwarded to the Altimarians for their consideration.
Boylan makes bold accusations against the Cabal, but asking for names, locations and photos sounds like gathering information on anyone who is
naïve enough to e-mail him.
   My email address is: drboylan@sbcglobal. net      All replies will be treated confidentially.
   My advice to respondents is that they 1) be mindful that the Cabal might seek to exploit this situation by telepathic/psychic/ psychotronic intrusion trying to palm themselves off as an "Altimarian" , 2) use discernment to determine the energy signature of the individual whom they are dealing with, and 3) psychically shield themselves daily against becoming a target of Cabal intrusion attempts. Needless to say, this is a typical paranoia Boylan is accustomed to propagating in the minds of his group members.
   Thank you in advance for any Human women Star Seeds who find it consonant with themselves to respond to the invitation. Whether you receive outreach from an Altimarian or not, know that your outreach cheers them that they are indeed on a friendly planet.

    in the light,

    Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Conclusion - You have to ask who are these Altrimarians? Are they real or something Boylan made up? If they are real, then are they aliens? Are they humans pretending to be aliens? Boylan says he is the one in contact with them. Given his prior conduct with female patients and his loss of his psychiatric license, you have to wonder what trick he has up his sleeve with this recent message. Boylans message targets females and it has sexual overtones. The most disturbing thing is he didn't only send this to his adult groups, he e-mailed his message to a group of minors and possibly small children. The sexual overtones of his message are inappropriate in that case.