Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dr. Boylan against Humanity.

Below you will find Boylan's post. See clearly what it means:
Every human spiritual leader becomes not-human . On the contrary, all of them including Jesus or Buddha, were gifts from the "superior star race".
This means that we Humans are inferior in every sense to the so called Star Nations.
Shall I create another neologism and call Boylan a EXONAZI?.
Indeed, because what he proposes is the servile human recognition of the cosmic masters..!


    For those who joined UFOFacts recently, and may lack the context for some of the recent discussion here, I offer the following hopefully-helpful context.
   The information that the Great Teachers are returning came from Star Nations.
   The great spiritual/moral teachers, such as Buddha, Zoroaster,Yeshua Ben Joseph (Jesus), Quan Yin, Lao Tse, etc., were Star People who incarnated on Earth as Human in order to teach and uplift the spiritual understanding and moral level of the society they incarnated into above its primitive then-existing level.
   Their teachings were all based on the same core of principles, the 11 Universal Laws and the 11 Spiritual Laws of the cosmos. See: http://www.drboylan .com/11.11laws. html
   Subsequent distortion of their teachings by self-important misguided "followers" is not the fault of the Star Visitor Incarnates. 
   Star Nations indicates that when they return, these Great Teachers will address the distortions and mistakes that have crept into what is presented as their teachings, and straighten it out, and re-present what they originally came to teach.
   All of this has been presented in earlier messages by me, and Wendi and Fran, on UFOFacts.
     in the light,
     Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
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