Friday, November 6, 2009

Future of the Exopolitical myth and the fallacy of disclosure

Andrew writes:
the exos will continue to actively do nothing.
theirs is an exercise to crush hope and to disease expectation ... their is a repto-grey harvesting strategy.
their vision of disclosure is somewhat akin to a nazi tormetor pouring out a cup of water out of reach of its victim.
there is no end result - the game is ongoing psychological disease - exopolitics is an anti-population weapon that uses cognitive dissonance.
meantime wake up and smell the chemtrails


Let me tell you something more.

True, but there are also tactics they use. One of them is the humanization of the presumably alien entities. For the EXOcharlatans, the aliens are just like us. The are anthropoids, they believe and think like we do. These entities are presented like brothers, friends, ready to communicate with us as teachers, guides, you name it.
This humanization is totally unjustified by the non-human behaviour.
On the contrary they are abusive, detached, and of course do not show any interest in having open contact with us and never did.
The so called disclosure is nothing but an attempt to keep the clients interested, anxious and generous ($)
The whole idea of the disclosure is fallacious and futile. If the presence of alien visitors is hypotetical, as the cosmic gurus recognize, obviously the disclosure is more than hypothetical since it´s possible that there is nothing to disclose.
Those who talk a lot about disclosure should tell us what is to disclose. What is this knowledge they keep secret.
I can assure you that this secret is IGNORANCE. The gov. doesn´t know what´s going on. There is no contact with any extraterrestrial ENTITY at all.
What they keep secret is their own VULNERABILITY. They cannot and will not recognize this vulnerability.