Tuesday, November 3, 2009


A source told me that another source, (a Sargent) know from other sources that Halloween was the D DAY-
Obama thought that in Halloween, the impact of the aliens natural look would be more...well, you understand, with all due respect to ETs .
Podesta (CIA), suggested that the aliens could even try the trick-o-trick producing a friendly environment for the disclosure.
HOWEVER, yes, of course the CABAL put pressure on the White House and the disclosure was suspended.
These reliable sources of mine told me that now we have a DATE. Disclosure will happen on Halloween of 2010.
By the way, two journalists teleported to an alien base in the moon recently saved by Dr. Boylan from the NASA bomb confirmed these breaking news.
Also we knew that Dr. Salla have now a very friendly personal contact with the Subterranean or subaquatic cities of Titicaca, and with the WHITE brotherhood recently moved to Bolivia.
This is fantastic, because Evo Morales, President of Bolivia, will soon disclose the secrets of these subterranean cities, Atlantida, the White Brotherhood, and Mayan Healers.

From  Argentina with LOVE