Saturday, October 31, 2009

The practice of "SOURCERY"

Dear people.

I must recognize that I have a problem with my sources, or perhaps I should say that my sources told me that they have a problem with their own sources. The  fact is that there are no facts and some postmodern social critics put it like this: Are the sources real sources when anonymous? I think that instead, we should ask ourselves if there are limits for a chain of sources...YES AND NO.
The chain of sources can be limitless. It is perfectly possible to imagine some infinite "sourcery". An anonymous source is unquestionable because it´s anonymity.
A source reference is another source or sources, if necessary, "ad infinitum".  In a bizarre world where anything is possible, we can say that a source always points to another source . The fact is that probably there is no original source at all.
After all, if someone puts pressure on you, it is always possible to stop the whole thing with a reference to the Cabal, or the Psyops or even the Men in Black.
This method guarantees that anything can be said or written without any compromise or responsibility.
You can try it yourself if you want, and will see how the thing works without need of any kind of evidence or rationality.
Try it. find some funny name that sounds scientific ( some EXO thing,) and post revelations that some anonymous sources related to anonymous military sources told to your anonymous sources.
Have fun with all this "sourcery"