Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Galactic War and Competence between EXOS...breaking news.

YES, indeed, believe it or not, the people of Greer and other similar masters of Mantra and fantasists, are promoting Training Courses of ...AMBASSADOR TO THE UNIVERSE..! see link.

Of course, we do not know if the Earth Govs. will pick their cosmic ambassadors between the people of Dr. Salla, or those of Dr. Greer. 
It is also possible that the Obama Administration decides to name Dr. Alfred Webre as Minister of the Interior AND Exterior, cosmically speaking of course.
(Remember that Webre wrote some books about the Lays in the Universe, and he knows more than one hundred ET races interested in us.
Also we must discuss the Quarantine imposed by the BIG GALACTIC BROTHERS TO US. See Webre about this...)
As you know, the people of Rational Ufology is constantly looking for news in the Ufological Domain, and perhaps Andrew will have some breaking news for us...

Also, let me tell you this, between us..."sotto voce" . In the Infosphere, and also in the Disinfosphere, there are some rumors about the responsability of Dr. Boylan about this, since he is Councilor of Earth. (Star-Nations and Asheoma sources) 
In other words, it looks like the EXOS will be soon fighting between them, and the Ali3ens will be as usual, totally and completely detached from any human and sub-human activities.