Monday, October 19, 2009

Mischievous Aliens.

Shy, or perhaps mischievous, the "aliens" play hide and seek with us. This game is not new. It's always the same game, for centuries or millennia.

They never show themselves openly. Like Illusionists, they use tricks with total indifference toward us.

They play games, and there is no real communication between humans and… (Whatever they are).

Contactees? No, there is not a single contactee with a real message. The contactee rhetoric is nothing but New Age and preaching. Everything they say is perfectly human.

Whistleblowers? Not really. They never show any evidence. They never tell us something different.

Retired Sergeants that say they know the real thing.

  It's easy to look in the Internet and find the same unreliable stories. Of course we find also the profiteers, the "wise" men and women who "know" all about UFOs, but it's obvious that they contradict themselves, are sectarians and constantly fight one against the other.. (Call it competence if you want)

After all, they are looking for the same thing ($).

Pseudo-science, impossible events. Hoaxes, impossible statements and well administered paranoia.

Fear and Hope are always good business.

The Exopoliticians, and Exobiologists, and Exopsychologist create Institutes with big names but nothing inside, and even some Centers of "galactic diplomacy".  We have also anonymous Journalists teleported to distant planets, and of course, many books about Extraterrestrial life  and even extraterrestrial law.

These "aliens" teach us nothing. They read us the Bible or Madame Blavatsky, and they don't care about human suffering.  A helping hand? Never. 

So, these "aliens" travel from distant stars to our Earth, just to play Hide and Seek ?. Something is wrong here, things doesn't work like that.


We don't know who they are, where they come from, what they want.

We talk about them, we write, we lie, we delude ourselves or are deceived by the cosmic charlatans.

The UFO experts, self-proclaimed pioneers and Councilors for Earth demand faith from the believers.

If you ask for some evidences , you belong to the Cabal, the Shadow Government, the super-conspiracy.

By the way, conspiracies are the best friends of Exopoliticians and other Exos. 

The Conspiracy wants to keep us in the Ignorance. All the governments, all the scientific institutions, all the Universities conspire and deny the truth. NASA is not looking for water in the Moon but tries to kill those poor aliens there. Give me a breack..!

Anything can be said in the EXO circus. There are no limits. No absurdity is too much for them.  The biggest the lie, the better, and soon, very soon, disclosure will happen. Next week, next month, next year.  Obama and a few aliens with Larry King, right? How about a nice press conference in the White House?

We know that it doesn't work that way.

We know that charlatans, abusers, hoaxers, are the true enemies of a serious approach to the UFO Phenomenon.

The professionals of deception and disinformation ARE the real cabal.

They are the worst enemies of a scientific, rational ufological research.

James Black