Sunday, October 11, 2009

Why People Believes Anything?

Dear friends.
First the word "people" is a generalization. See that I do not say "all the people", but just many is to much.
Remember that Ufology is not only the Investigation of the UFO Phenomenon, but also of the psychological, sociological and pathological reactions to this Phenomenon.
Now, the problem is why people believes the mass of absurdities that is repeated by the Exopoliticians and other Exogurus?
The answer is not simple, but I think that the most important element that promotes this believing in anything is ANXIETY.
We live in a Time of Crisis, and governments have no clear solutions for the enormous problems that we face.
The Charlatans and Hope sellers know this well and that is why the repeat the same trivia again and again. 
In this 21 Century, we hear some of these "experts" talk about Adamski and his "white, beautiful Venusians..!"
People believes that Boylan can stop a NASA experiment, and people believes that Basiago knows more about Mars that the whole Scientific Establishment.
People believes that Journalists are teleported to Mars and faked healers perform miracles.
The list of nonsense is never-ending.
Now, the answer to this phenomenon of massive credulity is, first of all, to understand the mechanism of these hoaxers that make money selling their own "snake oil".
To point them is not to attack the believers. 
The guru-followers are victims of the charlatans.
And what do the liars sell? Just words, booklets,conferences, Exotourism, (Titicaca, Hawaii,etc.)
In fact they wave NOTHING to sell other than their fantasies. 
Of course, this is serious for many reasons. Boylan "teaches" kids to move objects with their mind, and distant healing ( you can imagine how damaging can this be for kids. )
Many of these fantasies also promote hallucinations in prone individuals.
Alfred Webre tells us that one billion of human beings have been abducted by Aliens..!
Salla promotes "miracle-healers" and "Solar Initiations" in Bolivia..! He also sells Galactic Ambassador Diplomas...
All this not only goes against innocent people, but keeps good minds out of any contact with ufological research.

Consequently, this fight against charlatans, liars, profiters, is a GOOD FIGHT.  That is why I am in this. No for money, not for Ego, not for "believers".
I just do this because I believe in HONESTY, TRUTH, SCIENCE and HUMANITY.