Wednesday, October 21, 2009

UFO research community in chaos.

Victor Viggiani is currently the Director of Media Relations for Exopolitics Canada. In his article called State of the Onion, he writes this:

"We also have a UFO research community in chaos. Attempts by some to create consensus and achieve a realistic evolution of research methodologies are thwarted at every turn by reactionaries, unwilling to risk speaking of the obvious. Internal dissent, vitriol disguised as debate, e-mail crossing the vastness of cyberspace at light speed denigrates the work of this ufologist or that exopolitician or this researcher or that government witness – a community in disarray, reflecting the general anarchy in which the planet finds itself in 2009."

Of course, he is also victim of a common delusion in the ufological community. Chaos is not new at all. Chaos is the product of talking and talking and writing about something that we don't know what is, as if we knew. Chaos is the product of charlatanism, total lack of objectivity, fantasy, pseudo-science, profiteering, and unjustified mysticism.
While this happens, the "aliens" ( ...) This is so because  lots of individuals are selling lies, and each one says: "My lie is True, yours is just a lie".
Perhaps the "ufonauts" have something to do with this chaos? No. The Ufonauts, unknown, unexplained, mischievous, detached, are doing "their thing", but nobody knows what this thing is.
Viggiani writes also that the abductions are "demonized", well, we must recognize that abductions are a crime, right? So they are perfectly "demonizable".
Anything we say about the "aliens" is chaotic, because we don't know what we are talking about. 
Salla says that the extraterrestrial presence in our Earth is an hypotesis, and ALSO he writes that disclosure will happen soon (only if the hypotesis becomes a fact.)
So, he also is talking nonsense. Dr.Boylan, self proclaimed Councilor of Earth, uses the psychic power of his group UFOfacts to save the Alien community in the Moon from the NASA bomb. More nonsense. Never evidences, nothing serious, no science at all. As Shakespeare writes " Life is a tell told by an Idiot, full of sound and fury".
In the Exopolitical community, chaos comes from ignorance disguised as knowledge. 
The Big Circus, sooner or latter, becomes a Big Asylum.
It's the price they pay for writing stupidities. Is the price they pay for selling what they know it's not true.

James Black