Friday, October 30, 2009


Let´s take a look at this. The source (anonymous of course), is not even the original source. He/ she talls about a member of Congress (anonymous) . Komarek writes also this. <I had a further phone conversation with my source and this source
confirmed to me that indeed it may be a short time line to disclosure>

This show how anything and everything can be planted in the web without any personal resposability. This is how EXOPOLITICS always works .
IF I write that my own anonymous sources in the CONGRESS TOLD ME THAT THERE WILL BE NO DISCLOSURE, BOTH STATEMENTS , Komarek and Mine, HAVE NO VALUE AT ALL.

(...the show must go on.)

James Black

Do You Believe That UFO/ET Disclosure Is Imminent?
>by Ed Komarek
>Posted: 13:00 October 30, 2009
have entered into a conversation with a person that claims to have
close ties to a member of Congress well informed on UFO/ET. I am
working with this person because I believe we need to develop a broad
consensus with both politicians on both the left and the right on
exopolitical issues as disclosure progresses. At present this
individual wishes to remain anonymous because this individual wants to
keep separate his-her personal ET related activities from the other
political activities that he-she is involved in.