Monday, November 23, 2009

Where is the Planet X ? Andrew Hennessey suggestion.

Andrew writes:

so called 'planet X' its alleged effects are probably the chain of big machines in orbit above our heads -
simulated pole shift - like theatrical props ...

look out for the next alleged date of significance - 2020 or 2050

some scam for 2020 - maybe those ascending to zeta heaven will have 2020 vision on that day and see the zeta heaven full of salaami and jumbo sausages and bathing vats of green goo with robotic tapeworm cleaners in them [garry wood 1992] ...

watch out for 2020 from some repto ... its got a nice cultural ring to it - symmetrical numbers - easy to remember and has a snappy meaning about seeing things clearly - the 2020 vision of ascension ...

you heard it from andrew hennessey here first :)