Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Decadence of Exopoliticians and Cosmic Gurus.

Dear people, I would like to share with you some observations about Internet groups decadence.
Some "important" groups like those of Salla and Boylan, have hundreds of members, but if we read the posts in UFOfacts or Prepare4Contact, we will learn something weird.
First of all, the interested members are very few, and these few are not always the same people.
The enthusiasm of true believers that proclaim their faith in Exos and Galactic Experts and Earth Councilors usually ends in a few days.
People who posted daily messages in those groups will literally disappear after a short time.
Also, several symptoms of decadence will be seen.

First, the posts decrease. Second, while the old believers loose interest, the owner-Guru looses control of the few posts. Third, the gurus themselves loose interest since the ($) factor reflects these decadence.
I think that several elements contribute with this crisis. We must consider the "nothing happens syndrome". The charlatans can repeat again and again that disclosure will happen soon, but of course, the same thing was repeated ad nauseam in the last 60 years and nothing happens.
Also, the promise of a contact with the aliens "soon" and the need of preparation for this contact, looses appeal because the so called "aliens" do not show any interest in that promised contact.
In this climax, is more and more difficult to sell the same rewritten books or convince the people to pay for listening some pathetic contactee or some snake oil seller.
We can see that the unfulfilled promises and total lack of evidences have a price to pay. Sooner or later, people see the lies, the meaningless absurdities, the nonsense.
Old group members will look for something better. New members will show some interest for a limited time.
I think that neo-cultists, charlatans and self-proclaimed Gurus cannot fight against this "nothing happens syndrome"

Love to all

James Black