Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Slaves for the "Cosmic Masters" ???

Mariana talks about little girls and swears for the Full Moon to Boylan.
She writes:

Dear Dr Boylan and Fran,

The simple fact that you have just mentioned without much details what the little girls did almost brought tears to my eyes, and I haven't even seen them. This is actually so cute, beautiful and pure... it's Love.

It reminds me of myself as a young Star Seed, I swore to the Full Moon to protect all Nature and animals and all those whom are innocent at heart. I only understood what I did once I found out that I am a Star Seed. This is first time I tell anyone about this. I guess I just needed a little push from those little Star Seed girls ;O)

Thank you for sharing this,

Mariana Hudson
www.starlightabove. webs.com

Previously, Dr. Sauna wrote an emotional account about little girls:

    Yes. And I was with you at that Ranger Station at Zion National Park where we witnessed the two precious pre-schooler Star Kid girls with great seriousness  take their oaths as Junior Rangers. My heavens! The cutest things on Earth! So pure, so sincere, so dedicated to help protect the little animals.
    Yes, Councillor For the Watchers was overwhelmed with tears of joy.
    As were you.
    As was I.
    Even the woman Ranger giving the oath was touched. Not a dry eye in the house.
    These Star kids are among those who will remake our world.
     in the light,
     Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
The Councilor of Watchers is Fran, also an Incarnated Mantis...she works in the Boylan Aquatic Circus. But this is just amazing..! Boylan tells his folowers that there are eight (8) male Altimarians available for human females.

 The following update information has been relayed to my Inner Team and me by the Altimarian Communications Officer of the Day. (This relates to their request that interested Star Seed Humans, primarily women, indicate their availability for contact for companionship or dating.)
    First, the number of available Altimarian males, at the moment, are 8. All of the Altimarians are available for friendship from anyone.
    One of the males (after considering the possibility raised by a male Human inquirer) decided that he would be willing to explore a bisexual relationship with a human gay/bisexual/ transgender male, among other options. (Oman told me that this particular male does not wish to be identified -- only that one Altimarian male is willing.)
    The only single female Altimarian here, Mada would also like platonic friendship with lesbian/gay/ bisexual/ transgender males or females. It is should be noted that Mada is shy.
    As for the Altimarians in general, as for age or reproductive status it doesn't matter. Mature females will be delighted to learn what is possible with the Altimarians :-)
    The Altimarians are pleased with the generous response from Humans, which provides a very respectable pool of available Star Seeds from which to choose. While both Oman and Fred-1 wish us all to understand that they are quite busy (being short-staffed because of Amanda's attack and recovery), they intend to make contact with the volunteers they select as soon as they go over the energy signatures of the volunteers, and as they are able.
    And now for an update on Amanda's condition and that of her triplet fetuses.
    Amanda contacted my Team member twice this weekend to let her know that they are taking her out of the suspended animation state for two days a week now, and tapering it off, so that she can get more exercise and prepare to take on more duties in January, assuming she is fit by then. They are all well pleased with her progress, and she herself says that she and the fetus triplets are doing well.
      She again thanks all of us for our prayers, energy and support. She/they can feel it and are very touched by our good hearts.

    I add my thanks to all who volunteered, and note that we are moving Human-Star Visitor good relations another step forward.
     in the light,
     Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
 More information latter.