Monday, December 21, 2009

On Boylans Star Kid program-Jay Moody

On Boylans Star Kid program-Jay Moody


Note:  The word "Mystical" in this article is the Ayn Rand definition as show here:


"What is mysticism?  Mysticism is the acceptance of allegations without evidence or proof, either apart from or against the evidence of one's senses and one's reason.  Mysticism is the claim to some non-sensory, non-rational, non-definable, non-identifiable means of knowledge, such as 'instinct,' 'intuition,' 'revelation,' or any form of 'just knowing.'"
- From "Faith and Force: The Destroyers of the Modern World"




Boylan is quite a polemical figure in that he engages in that he promotes dubious theories that lack a basis in objective reality.  He perhaps sincerely believes what he teaches as he shows strong delusional and messiah-complex tendencies.  He also promulgates ideas against what are known as the "Cabal" thus his writings have anti-capitalistic connotations.  His psychology license was revoked since his impropriety with clients was unethical.


 Should someone with these mal vu tendencies be working with children?  Teaching them telepathy and whatnot?  And creating artificial man-made divisions such as Star-seed and "regular" person (and haven't the kids learned enough about man-made divisions from Church?)  How would this effect their development when they go off to school?  Perhaps they will have a warped view on the Great Gatsby, Candid, This Side of Paradise, Brideshead Revisited, etc, thus adversely affecting their grades in reading class.  What about their mathematical abilities?  How disappointed will they be when the school they attend will not have an ESP based elective?  How will they handle the stress of after-school sports?  What if they do some star-kid activity at their schools chapel?  The star-seeds would be at very high risk to accumulate demerits.


  While normal children will get demerits in secondary school for things like goofing off in chapel (they will learn real fast that such behaviors are not tolerated.  In Catcher in the Rye, as we are all familiar with, a student was even expelled for letting out his bodily gas at chapel) the star-seeds will be at high risk for expulsion, since Boylan himself promulgates outré theories as if they are irrefutable fact and promotes insanities.  If these children grow up thinking of ESP as established fact they will approach academic problems from that mystical lens, thus escaping from objective inquiry.  Although philosophy class with it is deductive, inductive, and syllogistic reasoning should help dilute the mystical influences. 


  While chapel itself contains illusoire notions Boylan's teachings will nonetheless encourage their inappropriate behavior.  Yet, where does Boylans madness come from?  According to Dr.Julian Jaynes of Princeton University, man was once in a non-introspective state incapable of subjective decision making, self-reflection, or contemplating.  As society became more complex the God's/God would stop talking to them, the writings from Biblical times suggest that the authors of the old testament (and the text they "borrowed" from Assyria, Mesopotamia, and Egypt) were bi-cameral as their writings lacked introspective consciousness.  They were at the mercy of nature and listened to their automatic, nature given guidance system.  Humanity relied on the guidance of external authorities.  Then society became ever-so complex, the God's/God suddenly stopped talking to them.  Man suddenly had to rely solely on himself as he became responsible for his own actions.  Remnants of the bi-cameral mind exist within us in the form of various mysticisms such as prayer, tarot cards, pilgrimages, etc.  While bi-cameral minds are in the vast minority in the modern age there are still, nonetheless those that show a strong bi-cameral tendency in that many hallucinate and/or are schizophrenic.


 Indeed, such mystics are the bete noir of the contemporary age with its mal vu tendencies of statism, communism, religion, and the supernatural.  This strongly relates to Boylan as he has strong bi-cameral tendencies in that he hears the voices of what are known as "Altimarians" he sincerely believes he is serving the common good by teaching about the "Cabal" which the "Altimarians" (in actuality the right side of his own brain relaying information to his left) allegedly warn against.  One can see the influence of the Post-Modernist movement on Boylan in that he benefits from the nonsensical "Reality is an illusion" as he can take advantage of it.  Boylan is against Capitalism due to its competitive, free market nature, capitalism, contrary to what Boylan teaches, creates maximum benefits to society while simultaneously permitting maximum individual growth.  In other words, the children he teaches will eventually view the world's greatest contribution in a negative light.  Such is a consequence of lowest common denominator egalitarianism with the rise of mystical imbécillités such as young Earth creationism, end-time ministries, Jesus camps that teach children about literal "Demons" and a literal "Hell" (this is a form of child abuse) and Boylans extraterrestrial and pseudo-scientific notions are not much different.


  Boylans intransigent stance on his pseudo-scientific and mystical influences suggest a false sense of confidence in his alleged "Knowledge" as he literally hears the Altimaritans in his head in spite of the evidence as found within the sphere of objective reality and inquiry.  Occams Razor is also glaringly absent from his writings.  Perhaps a traumatic event happened in his own childhood?  Maybe a bi-cameral reversion was the result?  His savior complex makes him set himself up as an authority to other people.  This would be inappropriate for children as their parents are suppose to be their authority figures, not actors, "musicians", or anyone else for that matter apart from relatives and those that society trust.  Boylan probably is sincere teaching children ESP skills to fight the tout le monde cabal, but causes far more harm than good by disconnecting his students from objective reality and relying on their ignorance of Occams Razor. 


In summery we can say that a cure can be found in that we must reverse the dumbing down and it is lowest common denominator egalitarianism.  Change however starts with ourselves.  It starts with motivating those to obtain an education, to teach their children proper modes of behavior and how to behave, and to differentiate between reality and fantasy.  The Earth is not 6,000 years old and there are no Altimarians.  That Genome scientist have indeed found homologous traits with chimpanzees according to the solid homological theory.