Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Serious Ufologists about DR. Salla

From UFO Media Matters

"People in the UFO community for the most part want disclosure. Dr. Salla happily gives it to them…every few months.

I am sure the doctor cares about the people in the UFO community but these same people are disappointed when his insider dope doesn't pan out. Not one in UFO research or any UFO "spokesperson", in our community wants to admit there sources stink. Michael Salla, PhD is a member of the Exopoltics Movement. They are part and parcel to a movement that thinks if you accuse the government, through the media, of hideous things, with no hard evidence, they will be embarrassed enough to give you all you want .

Dr. Salla touted out a few months ago information on a UFO UN meeting the only problem was it never happened. Let me ask the reader if they think something this big would be leaked to Dr. Salla or his insiders? I ask ,in all humility, when this falls through Dr. Salla, will you finally stop listening to these inside people? There seems to be a great deal of crying wolf around some blogs these days I guess it's more about getting hits than helping the truth get out . I was born in the old school of thinking integrity matters and shouldn't be squandered for any fleeting nonsense."

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Wilkipedia writes about Dr. Salla an excellent synthesis of the "exopolitical pioneer" Just search Dr. Salla.

"...His unconventional views have made his work the subject of considerable controversy and criticism within both the ufological and mainstream academic communities. Much of the testimony he uses to support his position is controversial due to a lack of empirical evidence to substantiate many of the claims. While many of Salla's sources are considered to be credible by adherents to the UFO Disclosure movement who cite a variety of supporting documents and credentials, critics argue these sources have been discredited for a variety of reasons; among these the dissemination of patent falsehoods in the content of claims made, and the misrepresentation of credentials."