Saturday, December 19, 2009


The youtube link below shows David Icke with a dark perspective and actually serving the reptilian masters. He may not know its an evil thing to say that evil only exists in the mind of the beholder because he has not fully reflected on the consequences for the victims of alien and reptilian horrors ... but he is actually creating an apologist doctrine for the Reptilians and the Greys - apologism for places like Auschwitz and Darfur - putting the blame on the victims ... he is saying here that its all our fault if something bad happens to us ... like breathing chemtrails .. because we are saying to ourselves and our Overlords that we want bad things to happen to us.

I thought he was dark because he never ever mentioned the real way that the reptilians see each other - not through codewords and signals - but by staring straight through the holograms and making telepathic conversation.

He is a great example of his own problem-reaction-solution philosophy ..

1. problem through massive internet conspiracy overload of enormous global evil
2. reaction through popular recognition and outrage
3. solution if we close our eyes and think nice thoughts it will leave us alone and it only exists if we don't ignore it.

I have some criticism of reality-creation - I have heard it used to dismiss those brutalised by aliens. nightmares beyond human control

With the Auschwitz sign just stolen and Darfur and other global evils not mentioned on the alleged global news .. working with David Icke has not set the people of Darfur free nor indeed has it honoured the massacred of Stalin, Pol Pot, Hitler or the abandoned of Zimbabwi or Ethiopia.
I wonder what big reality carpet that tragic sign got swept under whilst we were sleeping.

this reality creation BS totally confirms for me that david icke is doing evil - there's nothing wrong with loving pacifism - but our salvation is in spite of there being evil - the idea that we as some sort of harry potter can bungle our way out an alien matrix denies our Holy Family the opportunity to lift us cleanly out.
there is evil David ... why not take some of your reality creation vids to Darfur ? they could do with some weatherproof building materials.

Thing is that David Icke started out so well ... but if we remember that he was taking on a whole world of holographic shapeshifters and impersonators - maybe the question has to be asked - who or what Now Is David Icke ?
If he now is either an impersonation by either a Reptilian shapeshifter or a technologically projected 3D doppelganger or hologram used by the Greys - he could now serve as a dark shepherd leading the flock into emptiness. There are stories of replaced people being caught out - like the Robert France case described by David Moncoeur - this is a story of what happens when its done by the Greys but as we know - the average Reptilian has definitely got the natural power to do such a thing to any human whose provenance could be used as a soul harvesting asset. Only the Saints and Angels inspired by the Holy Spirit and led by Christ have the real power to lift us out of these worldly and often artificial alien delusions. We do have a prayer.

this though is Icke in my opinion on the darkside