Friday, December 25, 2009

New ideas about Exos. Fighting.

Apparently, some of the Exos and neo-gurus are right, and others are wrong. That is the scenario of their fights and accusations, but there is a problem: nobody in the exo-circus is telling the truth. All of them are talking fiction, and have no evidences to show about who is right and who is wrong.
Because of this, each exo condemns  the others as Cabals, Conspirators and psyops.

They cannot sit an enjoy a discussion because what they say is unbelievable.  Who is right and who is wrong ? Who can show any evidence of Truth?
The only thing they do is to appeal to the faith of their followers. " Please, believe me and not the others, because I am right and they are wrong, because they are Evil and I am the Light."

Something more: I think that the Circus rhetoric loose effectiveness after a period of time.
People looses enthusiasm after a fiction is repeated again and again.
Because of this, the Exos must create new fictions or recreate the old ones.
The "believers" become tired and look for "something else in the web"
Conversions happen sometimes, or simply boredom.
Boylan can say again that the altimarians are solving Earth problems but...of course nothing happens. Salla can repeat day after day that there will be "disclosure" but after sometime, the thing doesn't work any more, and the exos must find something else to show in the Circus. Perhaps a Healer, of a South American visitor of subterranean cities under the Titicaca Lake, or distant planets ...

Greer perhaps must stop inviting alien ships to his living room and try some mantra meditation or even some muscle building.
Webre will find a new contactee, a new face for the same circus number.

We will never find if Little Red Riding-hood is truer than the Sleeping Beauty, because both are just FICTION, but of course, much more better fiction than the absurdities  of the Exos.