Monday, December 7, 2009

About UFOSOPHY.( nice word)

Let us talk about UFOSOPHY.

Several interpretations of the UFO Phenomenon.

First we must consider the UFO as Background.

UFO as something that is always there, questioning definitions and promoting charlatans, profiteers and self-proclaimed contactees and similar fauna.

UFOs were always there as background. Nothing is more terrestrial than UFOs. There were always here, with us, probably before us. Unchanged, always more or less the same form and size.

The Egyptians were waiting for a disclosure, and the Indians, and the Jews.
Of course there was no disclosure and never will be, because UFOs are always here, for us but never with us.

Because nobody knows what UFOs are, charlatans talk. Contradict themselves, and most of the times look ridiculous.

UFOs are promoters of talk, talk and talk, meaningless talk.
UFOs are there but are not there. Have a partial existence, disobey space-time rules. Play with us perhaps? No, there are no indications of this.

UFOs are what we think they are, and also contradict us. The phenomenon is not totally existent but also, not nonexistent.

Talking about a disclosure is just absurd, because there is nothing to disclose. The UFO phenomenon has no "true nature" . We will never know what IS. There is no possible interpretation because UFOs cannot be compared with nothing else.

UFOs are a problem for only a few individuals.
Most people just do not care about UFOs.

UFOs will always be there, in the background, as a joke, as a silly gadget.
What can we do? Nothing, just watch understanding that not even this is necessary in any way.

More important and funny is to watch the "Exopoliticians" and other EXOS, talking nonsense, contradicting themselves, writing New Age trivia and perhaps making a couple of dollars or pounds with all this silliness.

That is all we know about UFOs and Ufologists.

James Black