Thursday, December 17, 2009

Disclosure: A Game of two?

Many things are wrong with the Exopolitical-Disclosure rhetoric, and Hennessey papers are a must top read, but there is something more:
The Disclosure game is presented as a game of two, the Exopolitical Circus AND on the other side, the Authorities. (Governments, etc)
This would be very nice to write about, and as Jay said, it is going on without any "surprise" for the last 60 years or more.
The problem comes when we see that the "aliens", the Non-Human Entities, are the substance of the game, but are out of this same game.

The inevitable logical question is this: What the "aliens" think about the Closure-Disclosure game?

See this: IF the Exos tell us that they do not know what is the Non-Humans position concerning this, THEN they have no idea about what the aliens are and want.
The alternative:
IF the Exos know the opinion of the aliens about disclosure, THEN the exos must DISCLOSE this.
The Exos, Cosmic Gurus, Sauna boys, muscle building contactees, and Hawaiian late day hippies must tell us what the aliens say about Disclosure.
In fact, the whole Disclosure Rhetoric is non-sense, and worst, the EXO doctors, lawyers councilors of earth and exotourists MUST know perfectly well the absurdity of the whole disclosure thing.
But IF they know as professionals and intelligent men and women, that their disclosure game is nonsense and absurdity, THEN they have a very dark agenda sustained by lies, trivia and non-events.

James Black