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WOO WOO Webre exposed

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Hi Group,
I personally exposed Webre six years ago in Dr. Michael Sala's Yahoo group, Prepare For Contact. As you can see in this excerpt of my post in the group, I found out that Webre really is a certified mental case. Webre's wife even wrote a book about her struggle dealing with his insanity. The post was a very veery long one as I was refuting the huge amount of BS that was being posted in the group. If you have time go to the post and read the whole thing.


Sun Apr 4, 2004

From Art:
The Reptoids are open about their control of humanity. You have only to look at the evidence to see they are not shy. They are not being covert, they just have a home world elsewhere now and only "show up" here every fifty years. When they do, it makes headlines and is a part of recorded history in the past. There are major saucer flaps recorded on cave walls from 80, 000 years ago, recorded in religious tapestries in Europe dating back over a thousand years, and recorded in newspapers all over the world when they showed up en masse in 1952 and overflew all the major cities of the world. Surely you've seen the old newspapers showing them overflying Washington, DC in large formations?
Here you go: washingtonpost28jul1952.htm htm/wash195201b.htm

So let's see, they show up en masse, and force President Eisenhower to
surrender. Can you blame Ike for keeping that "information" covert? The ETs were not covert. The ETs were very open, presenting a massive display of force all over the world.

>Now as far as the Galactic Federation is concerned Art, you have not
>shown any understanding of this galactic body or the principles upon
>which it is based. Your personal experiences appear confined to
>Reptoids/Grays and not those races who operate as members in good
>standing in the Galactic Federation. I suggest you do more homework
>on the Galactic Federation to see how it operates. I suggest you
>read the work of Alfred Webre (Exopolitics), Courtney Brown (Cosmic
>Expolorers), and some work of contactees such James Gilliland and
>Billy Meiers.

From Art:
None of those people have any real knowledge of the Federation. In regard to Webre's book "Exoplolitics," the publisher warns that it is not factual:

Caveat lector - Our human civilization is at the very beginnings of its era
of Universe consciousness. Descriptions of the structure of Universe government and indeed of the dynamics of Universe politics - may be inaccurate in varying degree, however intuitively well-grounded the descriptions may seem, and any factual errors are the sole responsibility of the author.

Then there is this: Webre's other book called "Recovery." It pretty much
screws his credibility. About the book his wife writes:
I see this book as a journey and as a work of courage. Alfred Webre is my
husband and soul mate. Through the time we've spent together I've watched him wage a battle, sometimes fierce and unsettling, with the mental illness that has plagued and enriched his life. At the depths of one of his depressions I suggested that he update one of his books, "The Age of Cataclysm" and perhaps write a book on his personal journey through manic-depression. My thinking at the time was he needs something to focus on and give him some purpose. That was in July shortly after "God" died and left Alfred both, devastated and exhilarated. He and I had been working together to come to grips with his attraction to cults and to move into a state of recovery. This was a task I felt well
prepared for as I had done a great deal of "exit therapy" over the years
with a variety of cult members.
Sometimes our idols have feet of clay.

Dr. Courtney Brown isn't a reliable source about the Galactic Federation
either. Dr. Brown was exposed on the Art Bell show years ago involving the
doctored photos of the Hale Bopp comet.
Visitors from the Galactic Federation?
Remote unviewing: Courtney Brown accused of fraud, stonewalls

Also check out:
Milton Cooper: cooper1.html

Richard Boylan

Steven Greer and Billy Meier

>Now to finish on a positive note that acknowledges your contribution
>rather than completely deconstructing your efforts, let me say that
>negotiating with Reptoids will be necessary at some point since they
>are a covert control group and have significant influence. They
>however are not the only player in town and certainly not
>the 'owners' of Earth as they might believe or you suggest.

From Art:
I wish they did not own Earth and us. The Reptoids and Grays have both said they own us, and they act accordingly. The Grays told Whitley Strieber that they own us too. If other ET races unilaterally deprive the Repto Sapiens of their valuable property, it would be considered an act of war. Think about it.
Let's say we achieved interstellar flight capability and settled most of our
population on a better world while maintaining a foothold here. If some aliens came along and tried to liberate our cattle and give them control of our old home world, it would deprive us of resources that had always been ours. Big trouble. So, it's our job to get ourselves free to avoid causing an interstellar war between the Repto Sapiens and any ET race that intervenes here on our behalf.

>efforts should be to establish solid relationships with those ET
>actors which we choose to play a more significant role in our lives,
>thereby enhancing our representative status in any galactic bodies
>and control over the planet. There are many ET races that support
>humanity's sovereign rights so we should accept their assistance
>where offerred, and continue our efforts at self-empowerment and
>evolution of consciousness so we enhance our sovereign status
>regardless of what the covert controllers think or believe.
>In peace,
>Michael S.

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