Monday, February 1, 2010

Open Letter to the Exodoctors

Again the "nothing happens syndrome".
The worst enemy of the imaginary star nations and "good aliens" is not the also imaginary Cabal but BOREDOM.
Yes...we can even feel Boredom in you, because you are intelligent men condemned by themselves to write silly things. Pity...

Life is short and you are wasting your time in nonsense.

You know Docs. the worst thing is that lies are always hungry, asking for new lies.
Hours and hours writing...for whom? dear Doctors? How many followers?
Because, as you must know, after some time people become bored, and you need to rewrite everything for the new "star seeds". or those "preparing themselves for contact"
Believe us Councilor for Earth Boylan, or Dr. Salla, Pioneer of exopolitics and galactic diplomat.

We Docs. know well the sacrifice you are doing ...but for what ?
Hours and hours writing nonsense..! Worst, knowing that you are writing nonsense.

Adult men and women, just teaching the "flock " that Santa exists and comes from the North Pole in his sledge.
But don't worry. You can, again, tell the people that disclosure is confirmed, or find some new Sargent to talk about Roswell, of even a new faked whistle blower who used to work in Area 51.
No new ideas? Don't worry, just tell us something new about Adamski, or write in the EXAMINER something about the more than thousand alien races visiting us.

Fraternally yours