Monday, February 15, 2010

Growing Doubts in P4C

These days, reading posts in prepare4contact, the UFO group of Dr. Salla, we can learn a few things.
Dr. Salla's contributions are out. Nobody is keeping the flame of faith burning. Enthusiasm is never permanent and the "nothing happens" syndrome is taking his toll.
Why is this positive?
For several reasons, and one of them is the end of the passive waiting attitude. Waiting for "them" to come and solve your problems is childish, and more important, negative.
When someone wakes up, and understand that never was and never will be open contact or dramatic disclosures, he/she will understand the need of doing serious, empiric research AND understand that we, HUMANS will solve our own problems. If we don't, nobody will do. We will destroy ourselves.
No supernatural entities will save us.
No "cosmic brothers" will come and give us candies...
So, when people in P4C looses faith in things like the disclosure , the open contact , the UFO landing and other fairy tales, in fact they are growing. They are becoming adults.
There is HOPE for us all.