Monday, February 8, 2010

Wendy-Asheoma are Off Topic for Boylan.

Amazing contradiction. Soon Wendy and Asheoma will be condemned as Cabals...

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Well, oddly (or perhaps not) , as we were reading this,  Asheoma stepped forward and wanted to say something.
BTW - we are healing up at an AMAZING rate and doing fantastic thanks to Asheoma and the light worker healer Source brought our way!   Cabal really did a number to us - but Star Nations really pulled through in keeping their promise to me to counter balance what I would be "taught" and even my healer is amazed at how Asheoma helped me along.  Ok he wants to talk so here he is.
With this matter, it may be of interest for some of you who feel internal connection to this location to consider the validity of those knowings.  There are some who post on this forum who were builders of this location and others like it.  Those of you who were the builders are connected internally to the knowledge and energy throughout the many lives you serve.
Many of you were not of Earth energy when the buildings were constructed.   Some came to Earth to teach the ways of Star Nations to those who were native of Earth energy and to assist in the early development of Humans.
It was needed for me to state this item clearly as it will unhinder the locked and doubting of a few who will read this communication.   My request and reminder to you is to go within your being and remember your truth.  Within the energy of who you are resides the culture and teachings of many hundreds of thousands of years of light work done in service to your own native people.   When you look to the stars at night from this your new home (even if you have served for many lifetimes as a Human), you know of the truth within your being.  You are certain of your past and even more certain of the future you are working to bring forward for the welfare of all.
Peace and blessings to you each,
with love,
Asheoma te ka Meata
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        While the ancient megalithic ruins are fascinating, I remind everyone  that this subject is on-topic ONLY if explicitly coinnected to the Star Visitors.