Friday, February 12, 2010

My Answer to Terra X. and the "nothing happens syndrome"

Terra X is bored. Dr. Salla doesn't care about "prepare 4 Contact". The little EXO business is not going well.
NOTHING happens, and you know, even the faked sources, the miracle healers, the discredited whistleblowers. work only for a short time. The owners of the "circus" are wrong: people is not stupid as they think.
The Exos have a big problem. Day after day, nothing happens. This is not new; the "nothing happens syndrome" is as old as humanity.
Terra X. (anonymous) attacks me, TOMAS SCOLARICI . aka James.
But he has a little problem also: Each day without UFOs landing in the White House or the United Nations, Terra X and the rest of the UFO profiters loose.
Each day without "aliens", they are wrong and I am right.
Day after day, month after month, the "show must go on" but nothing happens. No aliens here.
In this absurd Exo Theology the flock must have faith in those who know...those who have contacts with the "secret".
But they must NEVER,  NEVER ask questions. Questions are forbidden. You can create many pseudonyms and go back into the UFO cultist groups, but sooner or later you will ask questions AND they will ban you.
What we have is not research but sects, neo-cults, superstition.
Terra X, called me names...the old "ad hominem " fallacy. What else he can do? Show evidences? NO. Tell us when the good old aliens will land? NO.
So, I am a debunker but wait a minute...debunker of what? There is NOTHING there.
Poor Terra X, courageous man who doesn't have name...he is bored.
Everything in p4c is off topic, and  Dr. Salla doesn't post.
The EXOS love the Examiner now...they do not care about p4c, and you know why?
Preparation for a contact that will never happen is a waste of time. careful...Terra X says that I am a Black Hole trying to suck you into nothing...
Of course he knows nothing about the Buddhist Concept of Sunyata, emptiness, that is not void at all. Is lack of inherent existence. Terra X has no time to read this or anything else, perhaps.
He spends his days waiting for the big landing, or the big disclosure.
Day after day, he must confront the "nothing happens syndrome".

Tomas AKA James