Sunday, February 14, 2010

TT (Time Travelers)

Dear friends

The repetition of a word or a couple of letters, creates a false reality.
In this modern or postmodern world, UFO acronym becomes synonymous of another acronym: ET.
This automatism makes some people believe that the UFO (unidentified flying object ) phenomenon is extraterrestrial.
We know that this is not so.
The extraterrestrial origin of the UFOs is nothing but an hypothesis. I think that the behavior of the Entities presumably responsible of the phenomenon, practically denies the ET hypothesis. On the contrary, the Ufonauts, behave as Time Travelers, not as Extraterrestrial Visitors.
That is why we see the same objects now than thousand years ago.
This is why they cannot contact us, because this would destroy the time continuum.
So, I suggest the use of the acronym TT( Time Travelers) , instead of ET, for those who believe in the rationality of the Time Travelers hypothesis.
For those who are agnostics about the TT Phenomenon, is better the acronym UE, for Unknown Entities.