Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What is Critical Ufology?

What is Critical Ufology?

First let us divide the Ufological investigation in two different perspectives.

One of them is the UFO Phenomenon manifestations. This perspective is very limited. UFOs were seen from the beginning of historical times, and perhaps before.

The flying objects have always the same characteristics, approximately the same size and form.

Consequently we can say that the Ufonauts, if any, are not visitors, on the contrary they were always here.

We can say also that the experience of millennia tells us that these Entities are not interested in any open, public contact with us, humans.

They will never land and share with us anything. This is not their style, never was and probably never will be.

Probably, what we and the Egyptians, and the Roman Legionaries were just watching incursions of Time Travelers. UFOs come from the Future.

We can analyze their behavior, sightings, probably abductions, pictures and nothing more. There is nothing more.  We are limited to observation, perhaps classification and rationalization of the Phenomenon.

The other perspective is the investigation of the impact that the UFO phenomenon in us, humans.

That is the psychology and sociology of ufological groups and individuals.

But can we know more about the UFO phenomenon watching the ufologists? No.

However this investigation will teach us about us, Humans.  Our reactions, hallucinations, fantasies,  lies, fears and ambitions.

This is what I will call Critical Ufology.