Saturday, February 13, 2010


Some people thinks (wrongly) that I use different identities for hiding my own.
So, Terra X finds that many names were used to contact the virtual environment. For him and for many slaves of the ghost call "self" , behind many masks there is only one "self" .
Please tell me, would you be mad with Max Von Sidow, the actor, because in one film he "is" the Devil and in other he "is" a priest and exorcizer?
No, of course not, because we all understand that movies are fiction, right?
Now,let me ask you this : do you think that exopolitics, religions, benevolent ETs and similar superstitions are the real world?
Terra x world, Salla's world, Boylan's world or our own world is "real" ?. Of course not.
There is nothing but change, that is the meaning of Emptiness. Emptiness means lack of inherent existence. There is no substance, there is only accident. Movement. Nothing is still, static. Nothing is outside the Universe, and the Universe plays the Big Game without beginning or end.
But there are certain conditions to play the game of Self dissolution. There is a practice here. and this practice is a work of liberation.
Authentic liberation.
You can be "legion" only if you understand that the cultural, psychological world is text. Words about words.
The actor must not believe in his different characters. The actor can use several mask only if he understands them as masks.
The free one must also know that behind the masks there is no face. The Universe, as Matt understands well, is the Face.
Now, you must never, never believe in the mask you use. You must be detached of your masks, through the practice of the suspension of belief AT WILL. If you believe that you are your mask, then you are insane. Careful with that.
Names, beliefs, gods, angels, demons, are the masks of the Game, the Universal Carnival.
Through this practice we become Free From Fear.
Do not look for Meaning. You will not find it. Meaning is the Face that is NOT there.
Nothing is more important than this.
Please, understand that when you see the Circus, when you see the nature of the Game, you find total and complete Peace.
You are in the Circus but you are not the Circus. You are everywhere and nowhere, and THAT IS FREEDOM.
Also, you become free from Craving, Wanting, Desiring. You are more than Human.
No teaching, no PRACTICE is more important than this one.


James Black (put here any name you want..)