Tuesday, February 16, 2010

UFO cults as Subculture

UFO Cults and disguised cults as Exopolitics. Exobiology or Exopsychology, attract  people looking for something over and above their ordinary lives that connects them with something beyond themselves. They are not unlike the very religious people among us except that they have chosen a group whose beliefs are not at all mainstream among religious people. Cultist groups usually believe that UFOs are flying saucers piloted by superior beings who mean well toward humanity and seek to save humankind from its own problems. UFO cultists often join quasi-religious, UFO-centered groups like the older Unarius Society, the  Raelians,  and the older British Aetherius Society.
The Heaven's Gate UFO cult suicide tragedy of 1997 shows the possible dangers of any kind of cult activity, whether it is UFO-related or not.
The problem with the disguised Cults are these: The lack of real Ufological events, force the Ufological Gurus to attack science and replace it by superstition and Magical Thought.
Since the auto-proclaimed Ufo Gurus have no evidences of what they say or "teach" , they turn into 'faith" and "secrecy".
Also, in some cases UFO subculture becomes counterculture, because the "leaders" must make the authorities responsible for that lack of evidence.
 Usually, the UFO Group turns into a cult when the gurus have nothing more to say about UFOs, Star Nations Stellar Civilizations guiding our poor Humanity, etc.
They are the victims of what I call the "Nothing Happens Syndrome". Serious Ufology becomes a silly, New Age, pseudo-mystic rhetoric.