Thursday, February 11, 2010

Truth about Disinformation.

When we talk about disinformation, we think in false information planted to deny the UFO phenomenon, and destroy the possibility of what the Exopoliticians and Professional UFOfantasists call Disclosure.

This is only partially true.

The idea of a government practically controlled by Aliens or Collaborationists is false.

Government's secret is not what they know but what they don't.

" Oh , you know, the Government knows a lot, but they keep it secret…let's demand disclosure"

This is disinformation. Governments want many people asking for disclosure. If this happens, the thing grows and grows. Like a balloon full of air. Empty.

Something is there. Something was there from the beginning of times. Always the same flying objects, same forms, same size. Not visitors at all, but probably Time Travelers.

Visitors make contact. Ufonauts don't. They cannot change the rules of Time. They cannot "kill their grandpa and grandma and live".

They cannot give us any evidence. On the contrary, evidences are dangerous for them and for us. Nothing is more dangerous than this.

Disclosure? Never. Open Contact? Never.

So, the enormous mythology of the Extraterrestrial visitors works for them.

Let the people fantasize, waiting for the coming. They are always waiting for something that is out there. Feed them with New Age stupidities.

If they awake, if it's not too late, they will find the only Power that can save them. Humans here, in our planet Earth, the only one we have. The only one we need.

James Black AKA Tomas Scolarici