Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The True Message of the UFO fantasists Rhetoric.

Contradictory as it may be, we live in a transparent society, and because of this, nothing remains secret for a long time.
Let me give you an example. Some isolated Exopolitician writes about the revelations of  Laura Eisenhower or Basiago, the backyard astronomer and time-traveler.
Now, how many people believe in all this absurd rhetoric? Who knows...But if we want to know more about these whistle-blowers, snake oil sellers and self proclaimed Councilors of Earth or experts in Universal Law, we can do some research in Google, Yahoo or any other search engine.

In minutes, the curious mind will understand why these testimonies are meaningless. In some cases we will find a background of cultism, drugs, self promotion and psychopathology.
Could we call these fairy tales a campaign? Yes, if we analyze the consequences: The UFO mythology denies the UFO mystery and marks a territory. UFOs and UFOLOGY belong to world of fiction. A serous mind will never share with these people the same asylum.
UFOs belong to the Circus; to the freak shows, not to Science.
Could these be the agenda of the EXOS..? Perhaps, or perhaps I'm wrong and these fantasists need just a good doctor.
Let me know what you think people. Thanks in advance.


Tomas Scolarici